A whale of a weekend on Saturna Island!

Orca Tour 2014 kicks off in two days on  Saturna Island! The Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society has organized a fantastic orca weekend, featuring talks by Erich Hoyt and Paul Spong, and a panel discussion with other orca researchers including Dr. Lance Barrett-Lenard.

Join us! And if you can’t  be there in person – follow the Orca Tour on Facebook!


Friday, May 2

* Dana Lyons: The Great Salish Sea Tour Concert, 7 p.m., Saturna Community Hall,
$10 advance tickets at Wild Thyme Coffee House/”The Bus”, co-sponsored by Saturna Parks & Rec.

Saturday, May 3

* Free Lions Club morning bus out to East Point from the ferry parking area at 10:30am.

 Also free bus service to and from island venues for visitors without vehicles….

It is preferred that you E-mail or text Paul Brent well ahead of time to book your shuttlebus transportation (phone as a last resort, please). E-mail:saturnashuttle@gmail.com or Text: 604-760-9975.

 * Whale Weekend Program, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Q & A to 5pm.
$10 tickets, 18 years and under are free, co-sponsored by the Saturna Island Boat Club.

Tickets are available at the Saturna General Store
or pre-register with an email to sheila.wallace@saturnamarineresearch.ca

Info & Accommodation - Larry Peck (250) 216-3681
See our website at: http://saturnamarineresearch.ca



Orcas and many of the experts who study and advocate for them will be the centre of attention on Saturna Island when Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society (SIMRES) hosts a special Orca presentation on May 2-3.

SIMRES has invited some of the world’s most highly-regarded Orca researchers to the first of its nine SeaTALKS sessions on the marine environment scheduled for 2014.

At this session, SeaTALKS Whale Weekend, the Orca researchers will tell incredible stories about their unique individual experiences over many years of learning about killer whales and discovering new ways to protect them.

Headlining the research speakers list are Erich Hoyt, an internationally well-known U.K.- based Orca expert, also known for both his extensive writing and lecturing, as well as Dr. Paul Spong, a B.C.-based neuroscientist and cetologist, who founded and heads OrcaLab, an oceanfront Orca laboratory on Hanson Island, B.C.

They’ll be joined by other whale researchers including Dr. Christophe Guinet, a researcher from France who has been working in the Indian Ocean as well as Dr. Lance Barrett- Lennard of Vancouver Aquarium, Dr. Ken Balcomb from the Centre for Whale Research on San Juan Island, and Dr. Andrew Trites, director of Marine Mammal Research at UBC.

For Hoyt, who started his Orca research in 1973 and has now written more than 20 books and over 500 research papers on Orcas and other marine and land creatures, the Saturna event marks the beginning of a nine-stop one-month speaking tour of the North American west coast that includes major cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. The speaking tour is sponsored by a Seattle-based group, The Whale Trail, which manages a series of Northwest sites where orcas and other marine mammals can be viewed by the public from the shore. Saturna’s East Point is one of these sites.

“I have spent most of my life working with whales and dolphins and other ocean creatures in more than 50 countries,” he says. “I love new frontiers and I see my writing as a chance to explore the outer edges of what we know about wild animals, the ocean and the earth; and to try to shape in a positive way the human relationship to wild nature.”

For Spong, who is originally from New Zealand, the association with Orcas reaches even further back. He’s been studying killer whales since 1967 when he was invited to work at Vancouver Aquarium with its initial Orcas.

Since 1972, he’s been living and working on Hanson Island near Alert Bay, B.C. where OrcaLab is located. Spong hosts many students and researchers who come to study Orcas in their natural environment and has also established a web-based platform (www.orca-live.net) for observing and listening to Orcas underwater.

The Whale Weekend kicks off with entertainment on Friday, May 2 when Bellingham basedsinger/songwriter Dana Lyons performs songs from his new CD, The Great Salish Sea, beginning at 7 p.m. at Saturna Community Hall.

The main speakers program takes place Saturday, May 3, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. at the Saturna Recreation Centre and will include an audience question and answer session.



* SIMRES: http://saturnamarineresearch.ca

* Erich Hoyt: http://www.erichhoyt.com

* Paul Spong: http://orcalab.org

* Lance Barrett-Lennard: http://www.vanaqua.org/research

* Dana Lyons: http://www.cowswithguns.com

* The Whale Trail: http://thewhaletrail.org


Tickets Now Available for Orca Tour 2014

We’ve just posted the detailed itinerary for Orca Tour 2014 (see schedule). In a few short weeks, we’ll be hitting the road! We’re looking forward to meeting you all, from our kickoff weekend in Saturna BC to our closing talk in Vancouver.

Tickets are now available for most events. Get your tickets early, before they sell out!

Deepest thanks  to the organizers, sponsors, and  volunteers who share our vision of a Coast that’s connected around the whales, and for making this all possible.

See you on Orca Tour 2014!





Welcome to Orca Tour 2014!

When we started The Whale Trail in 2008, we had an ambitious goal – to extend The Whale Trail from Vancouver Island to Monterey California, throughout the southern resident orcas’ range.

This spring, we are adding sites in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Francisco to The Whale Trail. Our vision is quickly coming true!

And today we announced the Orca Tour 2014. In May 2014, we’re collaborating with Erich Hoyt on a series of presentations around The Whale Trail. We’ll be traveling from Saturna BC to Monterey CA – 9 cities, four states and two countries in 20 days! – telling the story of the orcas along the way.

We’ll use this space to keep a diary of the tour, and engage with readers/viewers along the way. We are looking forward to this grand adventure, and hope you are too!

Check back here for news and updates, including when and where to get tickets.

See you on The Whale Trail, and the Orca Tour!